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Call it copy. Call it content. Call it anything you like.


The words you use to present your business represent the first interaction between brand and customer. Are they credible? Are they relevant? Do they persuade?

No matter how easy or inexpensive it becomes to share your message online, it will never be completely effective without clear writing and careful editing. Language matters. Keeping it engaging and error-free requires hard work, editorial skill and creativity.

That can become a tall order in a busy organization turning out the range of sales material, targeted email and social media modern marketing demands. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality to the limits of your in-house resources.

Hire a professional.

Peter Barnes freelance writerBacked by eight years of professional writing experience in business and journalism, Peter Barnes can offer your project the knowledge of a seasoned editor. His portfolio encompasses niche industry blogging, traditional publishing, email campaigns and Web content. His expertise can deliver the readable, intelligent writing crucial to reaching your customers.

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- Eight years as a writer
- Four freelance
- Print and Web
- Diverse clientele
- Journalism background


- Comprehensive quotes
- Responsive service
- Project management
- Careful editing
- CMS knowledge


- Storytelling
- Content marketing
- Idea generation
- Research
- Proofreading


- Blogging
- Copy writing
- White papers
- Presentations
- Editing
Credibility begins with communication.